• Fodele Beach Welcomes Digital Nomads
    Digital nomads can choose Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort as the ultimate workation destination on Crete Island. Workations are the latest trend for people who need to work while on vacation and our resort offers excellent conditions for this purpose. Furthermore, with the rise of remote
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  • Winter: Cretan Nature at Its Wildest
    Winters in Crete are usually mild but wet: it rains a lot along the coastline, but the deeper you adventure on the island, you will find snow on the highest peaks of the White Mountains (Lefka Ori), Dikti Mountains, and on Mount Ida (Psiloritis). At lower altitudes, snowfall is rare, but you should
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  • Changes the COVID-19 Pandemic Made in How We Travel
    In the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic affected millions of lives worldwide, changing how people interact, communicate, work, shop, and travel. According to Elizabeth Becker, author of Overbooked: The Exploding Business of Travel and Tourism, one out of twelve people in the world works in the
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  • 5 Traditional Kafeneio in Crete
    Greece is the cradle of the “kafeneio” culture, which is still a way of life all over the country. Yesteryear, a kafeneio was a place where common folk met to engage in political debates, gossip, chat, play tavli (backgammon), drink Greek coffee, ouzo or raki, or just hang out and talk about politics
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  • Famous Family-friendly Beaches in Rethymno
    As the seat of the University of Crete, Rethymno has a young, vibrant feel and entertainment opportunities galore for students and their peers. This is not to say that the city doesn’t offer romantic venues and opportunities for families to spend quality time while they vacation on the island. Rethymno
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