Fodele Beach Welcomes Digital Nomads

Digital nomads can choose Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort as the ultimate workation destination on Crete Island. Workations are the latest trend for people who need to work while on vacation and our resort offers excellent conditions for this purpose. Furthermore, with the rise of remote work possibilities extended by employers as a response to the COVID-19 lockdown and social distancing crisis, employees can now work from anywhere in the world with a good Internet connection.

The new remote work trend gives digital nomads a better work, life, and family balance, flexibility in choosing their location, and a working schedule around other activities that promote entertainment, self-growth, and mental health.
The number of digital nomads worldwide grew by 49% in 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic. Globally, in 2021 there were 35 million digital nomads of all ethnicities working in various fields of activity. Most of them – about 81% – are self-employed, which gives them even more freedom in choosing their travel destinations, length of stay, work schedule, activities, and more. However, digital nomads hired by companies as remote workers must comply with stricter terms and conditions for schedules and virtual office locations.

Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort will launch a new package to welcome digital nomads in the upcoming 2022 tourist season. The offer will include discounted accommodation in modern rooms equipped with a desk and super-fast Wi-Fi, plus all the luxe amenities that make a stay homey and relaxing.

This initiative is part of the resort’s support for the WFA (working from anywhere) movement that evolved beyond prognostics since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve equipped selected rooms with private workspaces (in-room desk and chair), upgraded the Wi-Fi for speed and flawless connectivity, and offer digital nomads access to all the all-inclusive amenities and facilities of the resort.

Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort offers other excellent conditions to welcome digital nomads. Besides accommodation in spacious rooms fitted with extended-stay essentials, the resort also has meeting and conference rooms equipped with audio-visual appliances, printer, fax and telephone, photocopier, flipcharts, and Internet access.
Digital nomads can get work done while their family enjoys a blissful vacation by the beach. They can schedule their tasks around recreation and leisure activities in the resort compound: tennis, swimming, archery, basketball, volleyball, water polo, fitness, and many others.

Because Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort is all-inclusive, digital nomads staying here don’t need to worry about cooking or where to eat. The choice of salads, appetizers, mains, bread, dairy, desserts, and fresh fruit is extensive: every meal can be different, without the constrictions of a fixed a la carte menu.

So, suppose you are a digital nomad, and you want to enjoy Crete for the summer in a safe, family-friendly environment. In that case, Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort is just what you need to blend work, private, and social life in an exotic destination on the beach.

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