Crete foods

  • 3 Cretan Recipes with Meat
    Meat dishes are popular on the island, famous as the source of the Mediterranean Diet. Not every country in the Mediterranean region has a Mediterranean-style diet. Of all, Greece – more importantly, its largest island, Crete – is where you will find “the real” Mediterranean diet.
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  • Cretan recipes: how to make the perfect Dakos
    Nothing tastes more like summer than the divine Cretan dakos, a simple dish that brings together some of the best Cretan products, and is incredibly tasty and healthy at the same time! When you visit Crete you will probably taste many delicious dishes, some of which will be difficult to replicate off the
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  • Easter for Foodies at Fodele Beach
    Easter is an exceptionally beautiful time to be in Crete, as the weather is perfect and nature is blooming. It is also the best time to try unique Cretan delicacies, some prepared exclusively for Easter festivities. Easter season presents some gastronomical contrasts, as the Holy Week is a feast of
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  • 5 Cretan Dishes You Must Taste While in Crete
    The Cretan cuisine is all about nature as the foundation of fantastic gastronomy. The strength of this world-famous culinary choice lies in the freshness and organic quality of the food on the island. Much has been researched and written to classify and describe the Cretan diet but, in the end, tasting
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  • Cretan Cheeses and Other Dairy Products
    Crete is an abundant land where shepherds still care for their flocks the way their ancestors used to since ancient times. The animals graze freely in the mountains, deliver the sweetest milk, which the farmers use for daily consume, to produce cheese and other dairy products, or sell it to small local
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  • Carob Harvest Time on Crete
    Carob – often called the “lost treasure of Crete” – is making a strong comeback on the island. It is what foodies and nutritionists today call a “superfood.” On Crete, the carob tree finds a welcoming, abundant home, on arid soils free of fungus and pests.
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