• Go South: explore the area of Plakias
    Once a small fishing village, Plakias has developed to a popular holiday destination for those who seek modern commodities and a relaxed vibe, away from the hustle of touristy areas. Situated at the southern coast of the island, just 36km from the city of Rethymno, Plakias is a must-see, and easily
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  • The exotic beaches of Crete
    Swim in turquoise waters, dig your feet in velvety white sand, take a nap under the shade of palm trees, and all this while you are still in the Mediterranean! Crete has countless amazing beaches, but there are just a few that contest the beaches of the Caribbean. Pack your beach bag, take your camera
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  • Cretan recipes: how to make the perfect Dakos
    Nothing tastes more like summer than the divine Cretan dakos, a simple dish that brings together some of the best Cretan products, and is incredibly tasty and healthy at the same time! When you visit Crete you will probably taste many delicious dishes, some of which will be difficult to replicate off the
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  • El Greco: from Fodele to Spain
    Domenikos Theotokopoulos (1541 1614) , the worldwide famous painter who became known with the nickname El Greco (“The Greek”), originated from the village of Fodele and the Kingdom of Candia, as the island of Crete was called during the Venetian period. He took his first artistic steps as
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  • Must-see: Koules Fortress in Heraklion
    The fortress of Koules, or “Rocca a Mare” as the Venetians called it, has been the tireless guard of the city of Heraklion since the 16th century. The fortress was recently restored and its gates opened to visitors, making it one of the most interesting must-see monuments of the city. Apart
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