Easter for Foodies at Fodele Beach

Easter is an exceptionally beautiful time to be in Crete, as the weather is perfect and nature is blooming. It is also the best time to try unique Cretan delicacies, some prepared exclusively for Easter festivities.
Easter season presents some gastronomical contrasts, as the Holy Week is a feast of seafood and vegan dishes, while from Easter Sunday and on, meat cooked in many different ways “conquers” the table! In Fodele Beach, we are doing our best to honor traditions and offer our clients an Easter culinary experience they will never forget!

Holy Week & Lenten delicacies

According to Orthodox traditions, the fasting period starts 40 days before Easter. During this period, meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products are not consumed by believers. The Lenten menu, however, is so rich, imaginative and delicious that totally compensates for the “sacrifice” of certain products during Lent. Most believers though only fast during the 7 days of the Holy Week, and this is the best time to try mouthwatering seafood dishes such as grilled octopus, fried calamari and shrimps.

The “Fava” dish

The Cretan Lenten menu is also rich in pulses and vegetables. Try fava (yellow split peas puree), black-eyed bean salad, a variety of Cretan greens raw or boiled and served with lots of olive oil and lemon, and -of course- the “star” of the Lenten table: taramosalata (fish roe spread)! Good Friday is the gastronomical climax of the Holy Week and you should definitely visit the Main Restaurant “Vasilikos” in Fodele Beach, serving a variety of Lenten food options in addition to the regular menu. You can even witness the Epitaph ceremony at St. Stylianos church in the hotel’s area, for a full traditional experience. Kids can enjoy a fun children’s show with the multi-awarded Magic Tony. The day closes with a lovely classical music concert at Main Bar area with acclaimed musicians, in an atmospheric environment.

Good Saturday & Magiritsa

The famous Magiritsa soup

Good Saturday is the only day in the year when you can try magiritsa, a very special and absolutely delicious traditional soup based on lamb offal, spring onions, lots of dill and the Greek-classic avgolemono (egg and lemon) sauce. Magiritsa is traditionally served after the evening Church service and the Resurrection Ceremony, which you can either attend at St. Stylianos church in the hotel’s area or in Fodele village at Michail Archaggelos church. This soup is especially made to ease the digestive system back to meat-eating after a long fasting period and officially marks the end of Lent. On the dinner table of Good Saturday there are always eggs painted red, used for a traditional egg-clinging fight! The experienced chefs of Fodele Beach will prepare a traditional resurrection dinner with Magiritsa, and you will also find red eggs on your table for some clinging-fun! Nikos (keyboards) and Konstantina (vocals) will entertain us with live music on this festive night.

Easter Sunday: a meat-eater’s feast!

Easter Sunday is one of the greatest traditional feasts in Crete, with loads of food, wine and music! The menu consists mainly of meat dishes, but traditionally roasted lamb is definitely the tastiest of all! In Fodele Beach the party starts from early on with live music, dancing and the traditional lamb roasting at the beach, next to “Frankie Beach Club”. Enjoy top-quality wine from a famous local winery with multiple awarded wine varieties, taste delicious dishes at the Easter buffet at “Vasilikos” Restaurant, and immerse yourselves in Easter scents and flavors. Experience a lively folklore show with traditional dances and music and continue partying until late at night at “Breeze” Bar with a DJ set and international dance hits. Easter is also a favorite holiday for kids, so prior to the Main Party, young guests will have lots of fun in our Mini Disco event. Fodele Beach is eager to welcome you and show you why Cretan Easter is so special by offering a unique culinary and cultural experience!

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