Day: August 30, 2023

  • Cretan Villages You Must Visit
    When you choose Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort as your Cretan vacation destination, naturally, the first village you should visit is Fodele, which is six minutes by car inland. Fodele Village Fodele is a lovely traditional village with plenty of souvenir shopping and dining opportunities.
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  • Cretan Sweets Kids Will Love
    Crete’s culinary landscape is rich in sweet pastries, pies, cakes, and treats for the whole family. Children will appreciate syrup or honey-drenched cakes and cookies, chocolate desserts, spoon sweets, and even yogurt topped with seasonal fruit and honey every day. Ice cream is available everywhere
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  • Parents, Relax: We Have it all Under Control!
    A family vacation is a terrific way to build lifelong memories, especially when your destination offers a plethora of fun-filled activities for young and old. Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort offers many entertainment options and active pursuits for all ages. While a family vacation has the
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  • Take Your Business Out of the Office
    Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort offers you the ideal venue to bring like-minded people together out of the office. With us, you will discover alternatives to conventional corporate spaces and the opportunity to host any business event – from board meetings and product launches to
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  • The Origins of El Greco
    A son of Crete, El Greco was most likely born in Fodele, in the house that currently hosts the Museum of El Greco: “The place where I was born is surrounded by orange trees, springs of drinking water, and a Byzantine church,” said the artist in a letter in 1606. It is the very description of
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