Take Your Business Out of the Office

Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort offers you the ideal venue to bring like-minded people together out of the office. With us, you will discover alternatives to conventional corporate spaces and the opportunity to host any business event – from board meetings and product launches to conferences, seminars, and beyond – in an exclusive setting.

Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort’s impressive beachfront setting, complemented by our events team’s peerless experience, is the right stage every time you decide to host a corporate get-together in Crete.

Plan and book accommodation at the resort to enjoy a balanced work/life experience during your business encounter. You should also know that Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort offers excellent conditions for digital nomads and remote workers who want to combine work with leisure.

Congress A Hall Amenities

Our main conference hall, Congress A, has a maximum capacity of 250 attendees in a theatre-style configuration. The event space is flexible and suitable for smaller assemblies. You can trust that every large or more intimate business occasion will find a flexible space, complete with all the necessary amenities for a flawless flow.

Our dedicated events support staff and planners will assist you, providing the state-of-the-art AV and technical set-up you need to facilitate creativity and productivity for your business event. For example, if you need secretarial services, we can support you with experienced staff: please specify when you make your inquiry.

Congress A is equipped with a translation system if you host international gatherings. In addition, you can also use the hall’s audio-visual equipment, computer, laser printer, fax, photocopier, flipcharts, screen, and slide projector.

Bespoke Dining Menus for Your Events

You can always go the extra mile and enhance your corporate event with a bespoke lunch, dinner, or gala menu prepared by our talented culinary team.

Go for a unique celebration of Cretan gastronomy featuring local flavours and the best the island has to offer. Everything is fresh, made from scratch, exclusively with seasonal produce and organic, extra virgin olive oil.

A Mediterranean menu expands the choice of dishes to our neighbours, featuring international favourites like pasta, hummus, tabouleh, and more. An international menu will bring on display popular dishes that appeal to every palate.

Whether you trust our chefs to put together or choose to request a menu tailored to your preferences, our à la carte dishes and live stations will enhance your event with flair and panache.

Planning a corporate event is one of many ways you can take your business out of the office at our resort. You can book an extended stay and work remotely, making your hours and taking advantage of our all-inclusive packages that bring convenience to your daily routines (no need to plan meals or where to dine out, for example). As an aside, if you did not know by now, Greece is in the process of introducing a Digital Nomad Visa, which will allow internationals engaged in location-independent jobs to work in Greece and enjoy a 50% tax break for the first seven years.

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