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  • 5 Things to Do on Crete in Springtime
    Springtime is perhaps the best season to spend a holiday on Crete island: the temperature is pleasantly-mild, there are not many tourists, and nature brings about its most spectacular floral landscapes in hundreds of colorful shades of blossoms and green. Traditions play an essential part every spring on
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  • Mountain Shelters in Crete
    When you visit Crete, you want to adventure in the mountains and know where you can find accommodation or just a roof over your head and a modest, honest-to-God bite to eat. There’s nothing glamorous about mountain shelters – they are there to give you peace of mind and a haven when you are out and
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  • Destination Lake Kournas: Sunbathing and Donkey Walks
    Lake Kournas is Crete island’s only natural freshwater lake. It gathers its waters from the Amati spring, which originates in the White Mountains (Lefka Ori) and underground springs. Once called Koresia after the ancient city Korion, the lake counts among the most popular tourist destinations in the
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