Why Is it Important to Spend Time with Your Family During the Summer Holidays?

Spending time with your family on holiday opens all the much-needed communication channels for a harmonious coexistence at home and anywhere else where you are together.

A holiday together fosters healthy family relationships, but it is not enough to head places: you must find time to share your experiences.

The stress of modern life can take a toll on us all, and vacations are an excellent opportunity to relax. Families on holiday can find avenues to relax and forget about their worries and tensions.

Furthermore, a holiday together as a family can inspire great family values and become the start of a cherished tradition for years to come. Spending time together, whether on holiday or as a routine at home, bring children’s and your loved-ones’ self-esteem – because when you try to dedicate your time to their interests, you show them how much they matter to you.

A summer holiday with your family doesn’t have to be an expensive trip, but one where they can relax and have fun without any worries. You can choose a domestic destination or one abroad but always look for places where you can spend time outdoors to disconnect from digital devices, which are today more and more associated with stress disorders.

Studies Show that Spending Time with Your Family Matters

Science itself backs the fact that spending time with your family has many benefits for children’s developmental outcomes and parents’ decreased levels of stress as well. Here are some highlights of the studies:

  • time parents with their children is positively associated with child behaviour, school grades, and cognitive skill development;
  • engaged time with both parents is associated with a lower extent of problem behaviour in adolescents;
  • mothers and fathers exhibit increased happiness and decreased sadness, stress, and fatigue.

The list could go on, but these are the most important benefits for all the parties involved in the time spent together on holiday or during other homebound activities, like reading to your children before they go to sleep, helping them with homework, eating together, or simply listening to what they have to say at the end of the day.

Main Benefits of Spending Time with Your Family During Summer Holidays

So, we must summarize the main benefits that show why it is important to spend time with your family during the summer holidays:

  • create cherished tradition;
  • bond with your family;
  • discover and experience new things together;
  • improve communication and show affection;
  • show your family members how much they matter to you;
  • relax and forget the worries that stress you and yours;
  • inspire family values;
  • help children understand their sense of worth and develop self-esteem;
  • create memories for a lifetime;
  • build positive behaviours.

You could add to this list all that you experienced yourself while spending time with your family during the summer holiday. At Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort, we understand your motivation, and we designed our accommodation, facilities, amenities, and pastimes to help you along. Do ask our staff about family activities available at the resort during your summer holidays. We are a family destination managed by caring people who are happy to share advice and experiences with you and your loved ones. Also, many articles on our blog can help you plan the ideal family holiday in Fodele and on Crete Island if you need inspiration.

We wish you a wonderful family time in Greece!

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