Fodele Beach Waterpark and Why Families Don’t Need to Worry About Safety

Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort is the ultimate summer destination for families. It offers homey accommodation in elegant rooms and suites, exceptional dining options in an all-inclusive regime, and a well-rounded entertainment programme for all ages. Still, the resort’s most celebrated facility is its waterpark, featuring the wildest and wettest slides on the island, all in conformity with TÃœV Hellas‘s strictest exigencies.

TÃœV stands for Technischer Ãœberwachungsverein – the Technical Inspection Association that surveys and certifies all technical systems and facilities to minimize hazards and prevent damages.

Families enjoying our waterpark do not need to worry about safety, as TÃœV Hellas periodically inspects and certifies our slides and children’s water attractions. The last inspection, in August 2022, certifies that the waterpark conforms with the requirements of the standards EN 1069 – 1 & 2: 2017 and EN 1176 – 1.

Besides TÃœV inspection and certification, we ensure your peace of mind by employing lifeguards to monitor your safety and compliance with the park’s rules.

The Waterslides

Here is an overview of the slides and attractions you will find in our waterpark:

Look for a green slide if you want to take the longest ride in the waterpark: this is the Rafting Slide, swirling 81.84 meters down next to the thrill-seekers’ favourite drop, the Black Hole. You can only access the Rafting Slide with the compatible rafts available on-site and provided by the waterpark staff.

TheBody Slide is the second-longest waterslide in the park. It is orange and will drop parents and children in the safety of a pool after a fun-filled descent of 78.67 meters down. Take a moment at the top of the slide, just before enjoying the ride, to admire the panoramic views of Fodele Bay and the entire waterpark from the observation deck.

The Black Hole is a wild, fast ride for an adrenaline-filled water adventure. The slide’s decline is 72.27 meters through a dark tunnel with eerie light rings that create extraordinary light effects giving you the feeling that you travel to a different dimension.

The Compact Slide is 36.27 meters long and drops you in the pool at the lowest level of our terraced waterpark.

The Freefall Slide is a single-rider speed waterslide measuring 36.23 meters. The drop is almost vertical, giving you high velocity and an intense thrill.

At 36.17 meters, the Kamikaze Slide may seem shorter than the Freefall Slide, but it is more thrilling and a lot faster than its neighbour. It shares a deep pool with the Freefall Slide and the twirling Body Slide.

The Racing Slide with three tracks is 29.14 meters of fun for children aged six or older, teens, and adults alike. As a safety measure for riders who are not as experienced in swimming as those using the other waterslides, the Racing Slide ends in its own pool.

Toddlers and children who do not know how to swim may still enjoy a splashing good time with the Octopus‘s mini waterslides and the Mushroom‘s sprinklers.

The Snack Bar

If you are not in the mood for the waterslides, you can swim in the pool next to the park’s Windmill snack bar, where you can also rest and grab a bite to eat.

The snack bar serves hot dogs, pizza slices, fresh fruit, cakes, and fresh fruit. Then, to quench your thirst, you can help yourself to unlimited refills from the soda refresh station (which also stocks sparkling water) or get a cold beer. All snacks and refreshments are available in an all-inclusive regime, exclusively for the resort’s guests: there will be no outsiders spoiling your fun.

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