The most popular wedding trends for 2020

Weddings have been happening since the dawn of modern civilization, as love is timeless, but trends come and go. If you are getting married in 2020 make sure you know the new trends and get ideas for your own special day that will make your wedding truly memorable and stylish!

  1. Eco-weddings
    Scientific facts leave us no room for doubt, climate change, and over-consumption has left the earth wounded and human civilization in jeopardy. The need to change our lifestyle and habits was also reflected in 2020 wedding trends, promoting environmentally conscious choices. Skip the plastic, disposable napkins and paper invitations and instead choose repurposable items, locally grown food in your catering and upcycled decoration. Plan an outdoor summer wedding on the beach and -why not? – wear your mother’s wedding gown! The internet is full of stylish ideas for the perfect eco-wedding, so go ahead, start planning!
  2. Living flowers and greenery
    In line with the eco-wedding trend, 2020 weddings call for living (and even edible!) flower decoration and a natural setting for your ceremony. Decorate the tables with small plants in ceramic pots that visitors can take home, give seed-bombs as small gifts and place edible petals in ice-cubes to make an impression!
  3. Colors & Maximalism
    Skip the white gown and go crazy with fashionable, extravagant and colorful wedding dresses for you and your bridesmaids! New wedding trends allow endless experimentation, from puffy sleeves to peculiar embellishments and multi-colored gowns. Another great idea is to plan a unique dress code for your wedding (for example, 30s style, or a color theme!)
  4. The interactive wedding table
    In our multicultural and complex world, it is very likely that your guests will have diverse lifestyle choices and religious or dietary restrictions. The best way to deal with diversity is to go for self-service catering instead of fixed menus. Make sure you provide gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan choices, a variety of dishes and inform guests about ingredients that may cause allergic reactions.
  5. Stylish Photo Booths
    Pinterest hashtags and Facebook albums may still be a must, but 2020 wedding trends have come to remind us the irreplaceable charm of polaroid photos. Design your own creative photo booth with imaginative props, or rent one to make your big day fun and truly special. Plus, you can make a great photo album with all your loved ones that will last forever!
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