Proud of Our Award-winning Water Park with the Wildest and Wettest Rides on the Island

Celebrated among the best all-inclusive hotels in Europe and the world, Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort is a destination for fun in the sun. It boasts an award-winning waterpark with refreshing swimming pools and thrilling rides for all ages – the main attraction within the walled domain of the resort.

Many international travel publications listed Fodele Beach & Waterpark Resort among the best hotels for all-inclusive holidays to Crete in the past. Our guest reviews are excellent, motivating us to proudly maintain our standards of luxury and service for all who choose to spend another summer vacation with us.

And, while we are proud of all our facilities, we are particularly proud of our waterpark. Our guests can access the waterpark free of charge and enjoy the slides and the pools every day.

Waterpark Slides

Body Slide: Spiralling 78.67 meters down, the Body Slide is suitable for children and parents to enjoy a splashing adventure together. You will recognize it with ease: the bright orange water slide at the top of the hill overlooking Fodele Bay, the beach, and the entire waterpark. Take in the views and have a wonderful time alone or with your little ones.

Freefall Slide: With a length of 36.23 meters, the Freefall Slide is a single-rider speed waterslide for those who look for quick thrills. Look for a yellow slide.

Kamikaze: The Kamikaze slide is slightly shorter than the Freefall Slide, 36.17 meters, but due to its construction, more abrupt and faster, for real adrenaline junkies. It is a single-rider, exhilarating slide, coloured blue to help you recognize it quickly. The Body Slide, Firefall Slide, and Kamikaze share the same pool.

Racing Slide with Three Tracks: Water sliding is more fun when you go neck and neck. This white, three-track racing slide is 29.14 meters long and suitable for children aged six or older, teens, and adults alike. Adults can ride with toddlers at their own responsibility. The racing slide ends in a pool separate from the other rides.

Black Hole: As its name suggests, the Black Hole will be a black, adrenaline-pumping slide. It will take you through a dark tunnel, illuminated by occasional light rings to give you a different riding experience. The decline is 72.27 meters, and you will love the speed and light effects during your descent. This is a raft waterslide, only accessible with rafts (rings) provided by the waterpark.

Rafting Slide: To enjoy the Rafting Slide, look for the green slide that swirls next to the Black Hole. Use one of the rafts provided by the waterpark staff to ride down the slide’s 81.84 meters length ending in a refreshing swimming pool shared with the Black Hole slide.

Compact Slide: The seventh of our slides is 36.27 meters and ends in a pool on the lowest terrace of the waterpark.

For toddlers, you will find the “Octopus” with mini waterslides and a “Mushroom” with water sprinklers for more happy giggles. Adults will enjoy a refreshing swim in the central pool of the waterpark. After hours of fun, head over to the “Windmill” snack bar, where you will find coffee, cold beer, sodas, pizza slices, hot dogs, fresh fruit, and other treats.

Our waterpark is just part of the fun Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort has to offer. So, plan your next holiday with us, and you will never experience a dull moment.

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