A Fun Day at the Waterpark in Fodele, Crete

The waterpark is one of the top five reasons travelers choose Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort when they vacation on Crete.

Fodele Waterpark

The water park offers hours of fun for guests of all ages.

This is one of the best places to go on Crete for hours and hours of fun. The park boasts some of the wildest water rides on the island and it’s a happy environment where time feels fleeting like a childhood dream. You don’t have time to count the minutes: they fly and you soon realize it’s time to end the day.
Certified under the safety standards of EN1069, the waterpark boasts several exciting rides and attractions.

  • A 78,67m long body slide, suitable for riders of all ages and skill levels, and particularly popular with teenagers and less adventurous park visitors.
  • One freefall slide measuring 36,23m in length. This is an attraction for daring riders and for those with a vivid spirit of adventure.
  • The Kamikaze (length 36,17m) is engineered to deliver a high-speed thrill experience and it lives up to your expectations.
  • Our Multislides, each with a length of 29,14m, are great for family fun. Multislides inspire guests to compete as they slide the lanes in an attempt to reach the bottom first.
  • The Black Hole is 72,27m long and is a modern tube slide, totally black, with the exception of several color rings that create a hypnotic effect. Riders cab imagine sliding through a wormhole or being teleported somewhere.
  • The Rafting Slide (length 81,84m) is fun too. It’s a classic waterslide, perfect to experience the joy of the ride with friends and family.
  • Finally, the Compact Slide (36,27m) is suitable for almost all riders, except the little ones.
waterpark slides

Children love the Octopus water slides at Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort.

Consider that because of EN1069, all our pools at the rides have a maximum depth of 1,20m. Therefore, for young children, we have a separate area with an ‘Octopus’ with little slides and a ‘Mushroom’ with water sprinklers. Here you will also find a kids’ pool for children aged 5 or younger, and a separate children’s pool.

For snacks and refreshments, you will find the “Windmill” snack bar, naturally named for the traditional Greek Windmill which dominates at the top of the waterpark with a separate sitting area where the guests can relax and enjoy the view of the bay.

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