A Different Spa Experience at Fodele Beach Spa: “Cretan Signature Treatment Collection”

Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort is a destination for all ages. Although it is mostly sought-after for its beautiful beachfront setting and the waterpark that offers hours of fun to guests of all ages, the resort has more to offer.

The spa at Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort is aptly named “Smart Spa.” It is a bright space with feel-good colorful accents tastefully scattered among elements of décor to create a refreshing ambiance conductive of harmony and balance.

Managed by wellness professionals from the Aegeo Spas, the spa offers a welcome fifteen-minute massage for every guest. A voucher is available online, on our site, clicking the following link, or you can request it upon check-in at the reception.

The “Cretan Signature Treatment Collection” is for our guests who prefer a complete spa experience. It is designed by Aegeo Spas based on traditional techniques and Cretan herbs, Cretan honey, extra virgin olive oil, grapes, and sea salt. The collection includes different therapies for face and body designed not only to treat skin and muscles but also to relax and help melt your stress and worries away.

The Greek words eυεξία, ευζωία, and ευτυχία – meaning wellness, well-being, and happiness – are at the foundation of the Aegeo Spa concept. As such, the Cretan Experience from the “Cretan Signature Treatment Collection” is a package that includes a silky body scrub and a Cretan therapeutic massage that will help you relax, unwind, and put all the stress of the day behind you. The Cretan massage is a deep head-to-toe massage based on Cretan olive oil, orange distillates, and raki.  With this treatment, you will “travel back in time through the ancient techniques used to achieve rejuvenation and the balancing of body and soul. “

Besides the “Cretan Signature Treatment Collection,” our spa and wellness center also offers other face and body massages, face, and body beauty treatments, scrubs, wraps, manicures, and pedicures. You can consult our spa ambassadors to learn what is the best treatment for your needs. The spa has its own small shop where you can purchase some of the products used for your treatments.

Due to high demand, we advise you to book your spa treatment in advance, the day you arrive at the resort.

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