Things you must pack for your holidays in Crete this summer

You booked your tickets, you waited with excitement for the day of departure to the island of dreams, and now it’s time to prepare your suitcase! No need to stress, Crete is the perfect destination to travel light, as the weather does not require heavy clothes, and you will probably need the extra space for all the nice Cretan goodies you will buy! However, there are at least a few things you should not forget to pack for a better Cretan experience.

Flip flops

You will wear them all day long and probably at night too. They are easy to put on and off, they are water resistant and the ultimate footwear for the beach. One or two pairs are more than enough, as you will probably find pretty flip flops or Greek sandals to buy once you are here, and enrich your summer collection!


Tablets and smartphones are not beach or sun friendly, and anyway, the whole point of vacation is to escape everyday habits and to benefit from a social media binging detox. Choose a light-weighted pleasant summer read (if it’s related to Crete or Greece, even better) and let the day pass under your sun umbrella, enjoying a refreshing break at the sea whenever you need it!

Sun Protection kit

It goes without saying that your skin will probably be shocked from the sudden exposure to the warm Cretan sun, so don’t forget to pack your sunblock, sun hat, sunglasses, an after sun lotion and perhaps even a light long sleeved tunic for extra protection, especially if you decide to take a long walk. 

Snorkelling equipment

The Mediterranean seabed is an exciting exploration field full of surprises, so don’t forget your mask and snorkel. Fins take a lot of space in the suitcase, so if you need them, you might want to buy them once you are in Crete. Another good idea is to take rubber swimming shoes that are lighter and will protect your feet from sharp rocks and sea urchins during your explorations. 

Light jacket

Yes, the weather in Crete in the summer is warm and it is highly unlikely you will ever need a jacket, even at night, but occasionally the evening breeze can be chilly and you don’t want to be unprepared. Plus, if you plan on visiting the mountains to visit villages or attend an evening event, you will definitely need it. It doesn’t have to be heavy though. A light jacket or long scarf is often enough! 

Your little white dress!

Vacation at the beach basically means that you don’t need to care so much about what to wear, but you still want to look stylish for your holiday photoshoot or for an evening event. For such occasions, a little white dress (or long tunic, whatever you prefer) is surely the perfect outfit, matching the mediterranenan blue and highlighting your new lovely tan!

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