Meet the Minoans at the Minoan Theatre

After visiting the Palace of Knossos and the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion you might wonder, how did Minoans really look like? And how would it be, if the bull leaping fresco would come to life, together with the three Minoan ladies in blue?

Take a glimpse of Minoan life and culture at the Minoan Theatre, located within the premises of the Equestrian Club in Karteros, just 5km east of Heraklion airport.

Inspired by Minoan culture and spirituality and based on thorough research of the Minoan civilization, Minoan Theatre features an ancient dance and acrobatics performance, followed by a presentation of modern Cretan culture and a gastronomical experience that connects the present with the past.

The 35 minute performance was carefully choreographed based on archaeological evidence and expert feedback, with respect to the Minoan civilization, in order to provide an experience that is historically accurate. Inspired by the festival of spring, the Minoan Theatre honors the Great Mother, Goddess Nature. Prominent figures of the Minoan civilization will welcome you, including Phaedra, daughter of King Minos, and the High-Priestess. The theatre itself is designed to host a Minoan rite, with a wonderful 2,000 year-old olive tree located at its center.

Priestesses distribute special offerings from the Cretan Land to the audience and the dance begins, a tribute to nature, equality and love. Witness the ceremony of Bull-leaping and a ritual dance between the High-Priestess and the Minotaur, a colorful feast for the senses that will elevate your soul.

You can enjoy the performance by booking a Minoan Day or Minoan Night experience, including a Minoan meal (the Minoan Meal is only available upon request if you choose Minoan Day). Based on timeless ingredients of the Cretan diet, such as olive oil, grape products and honey, the Minoan meal is a gastronomical experience you should not miss. Plus, on Minoan night you can enjoy a Minoan meal and a modern Cretan meal to taste and compare, savoring historical continuity and change. The experience is completed with live music with ancient and modern Greek instruments, and an interactive game with Ariadne’s Thread.

The Minoan Day experience takes place every Thursday from 15.00 to 16.10, and includes the performance followed by a treat of Cretan appetizers. The theatrical Performance combined with a Minoan meal is only available upon request.

The Minoan Night experience is held every Thursday from 19:30 to 23:00 from June to August and from 19:15 to 22:45 in September and May.

For more information visit the official website of the theatre.

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