Cretan Hikes: Santorinios Gorge

For the hiking and outdoors enthusiasts staying at Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort the area surrounding the resort is a rugged paradise. Not far from to the South of the village of Fodele, Santorinios Gorge is a hidden gem of untouched wilderness for a day-trip adventure.

Named for its soil and rock that is reminiscent of Thera (Santorini Island), the small gorge has a wonderful river flowing down its center and many small tributaries emanating from hidden lakes in the mountains looming over the gorge. Dry in Summer, these water features make the gorge a challenge for even experienced hikers, as do the thick vegetation and big changes in elevation. At the head of the gorge, there’s what’s left of an old watermill. Further along, the trek hikers discover ponds and a lake that must be overcome by either swimming or climbing around it. Another waterfall cascades into a small pond at its bottom and the hike at this point is less of a challenge. Not so well suited for family walks, this gorge does present a pretty and magical landscape that hides several natural treasures.

The respite from arduous going does not last long though when another 15-meter waterfall must be climbed before one can proceed to the top of a hill. Following this, hikers must navigate slippery rocks via a guide rope to reach the edge of the falls. One section of this gorge is more easily accessible by car via a dirt road adjacent to another small waterfall. Here the less adventurous visitor can take advantage of the natural 4-meter water slide into a pond at the base of the falls.

Featured image courtesy This Is Crete.

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